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UCO Bank, formerly United Commercial Bank, established in 1943 in Kolkata, is a major government-owned commercial bank of India. During FY 2013–14, its total business was ₹ 4.55 lakh crore. Based on 2014 data, it is ranked 1860 on the Forbes Global 2000 list. UCO Bank was ranked 294th among India's most trusted brands according to the Brand Trust Report 2014, a study conducted by Trust Research Advisory. It was a rise of 796 ranks considering it was listed at the 1090th position among India's most trusted brands in the Brand trust Report 2013. As of 30 March 2017 the bank had 4,000 plus service units 49 zonal offices spread all over India. It also has two overseas branches in Singapore and Hong Kong. UCO Bank's headquarters is on BTM Sarani, Kolkata.


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Current Employee - Swo A says

"Less salary,worst hr policy, worst Transfer policy. Management has no sympathy towards employees of the bank.They suspended an employee when he raised his voice regarding his transfer order. They had not relieved my colleague and friend whose father had been suffering from paralysis,even after three years of his transfer order"

Current Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Unreasonable targets, constant pressure to perform. Lowest pay scale"

Current Employee - Help Desk Analyst says

"Cheating customers, Fraudulant service Worst behaviour Ripping off hard earned money from customer"

Former Employee - Specialist Officer Civil says

"Inefficient management, saddist attitude, non-cooperative nature, no work-life balance, bossism, huge work pressure, lesser pay than other good banks"

Current Employee - Manager says

"Worst transfer policy. Whims and fancies of top management will take you for a ride unless if you are from west bengal."


"Frequent transfers prohibit women from taking promotions"

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"1. It doesnt know which employee should be posted where!! and rude behaviour by top officials when it comes to request transfers. 2. If you are a women and aim high this is not a place recommended for you. 3. Unions do not help and a waste of time. 4. Working culture is worst. They will not recognize your talent or utilize its resources properly. If are calm and have talent no one lets you to grow or even allows you to work (my exp i did MBA-fin and doing peon job sorry to say this). Everyone tries to exploit week. Talent is never a criteria here. 5. It never considers your background while posting. 6. It doesnt even have a proper HR policy. 7. Not many women as senior officials you can find. Career path is restricted for women because of transfers."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Career growth after a certain limit ONLY depends on which part of India you hail from and which language you speak. Same can be said for overall HR policy as whole organization is run by a pseudo-communist union who cares only for a certain section of "comrades" especially in Bangalore zone. 90% of staff are above 50 and general atmosphere also feels as though we are still living in 70's Shocking amount of data manipulation is widely practiced to suit needs of top management not to mention coercive tactics."

Former Employee - Special Assistant says

"Branch heads and second person working as a officer are not so much interested as they ,at least 80%, are transferred from other region and they are very much eager to complete their tenure by pulling the day to day work and no involvement in the customers routine ....."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Worst company to work for. Worst higher management.. If you are hard worker then you will posted in worst branch and if you are good in licking you will get good posting. Unions making it worst"

Head Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Less chances to get promoted and bank is also going to merge and less chances to hike salary and to reach highest management level, the company is good but I need a better high paying jobNo"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Pros Good Exposure in different sectors- due to transfers Very good job security Cons No defined HR policies- non-existent HR Dept. which leads to high frustration Not that good job culture with 70% of employee base above 50 years, much difficult to find people of your age group who can understand new technology and current market needs Unsupportive Management Organisation as a whole doesnt seem to be moving towards growth with almost 80% of employees unsatisfied with the way of working how do the management expect good customer service"

Assistant Manager, Retail branch (Former Employee) says

"Lot of customer meets. Customer Visits. Loan documentation. Reporting to Regional office/Head office. Recovery of overdue amounts. Staff meetings. Compliance/Audit compliance.Job security, Good compensationStrong union influence, Mismanaged job culture, High Stress levels"

Chief Manager (Scale - IV) says

"Heading a branch and taking challenges head-on. Leading a team of 9 persons. Seeking a change in order to b in a mor dynamic and growng organisation."

Computer Operator (Current Employee) says

"I am well set our Home city,But My Dream is I work in abroad any trade Thanksnoshort break"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"good working environment, I worked with zeal there. I enjoyed to work with associates."

Office Boy (Current Employee) says

"i do my work with full confidence and Cheerfuller. here i maintenance office. give my best service to my staff. always ready for any types of works. always follow rules of the company and obey our Seniors."

PROBATIONARY OFFICER (Former Employee) says

"workload is heavier during business hours. post business hours the workload eases off. relaxed work environment. Management isnt upto the mark and its riddled with Unionism and politics. good in career growth but salary is less compared to its counterparts in pvt and govt organizations.balanced work environmentless salary"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not good for Youngsters. Few old on verge of retirement peoples are putting everything on young ones. HRM officers dont even know tha meaning of HRM. Transfer Policy is worst in banking sector.Leased Accomodation.Bad Management"

Senior Manager (Current Employee) says

"If you want growth and willing to travel pan India; then there is no better place than this PSU Unit. Best performance is not recognized and rewarded, salary n incentives remain the same for the performers and non performers."

Net Developer (Former Employee) says

"its a good company. I like working there with all the good collegues, commuting is not really good and there is no company transportation available for the company.benefits are goodcommuting is not good"

Aug '2011 directly as Scale-II officer (Current Employee) says

"i enjoy my job as it gives me immense job satisfaction. i am just looking for a switch as am married now and want to switch my city (PUNE) on spouse grounds.Job securityA bit difficulty to work with over elderly colleagues"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"customer friendly bank,very attractive and competitive service and products.Focus on providing high standard of services to the customer.Govt related works are also done."

ASSISTANT MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"Exposed to branch operation work for example generation of reports; Issuing of TDS Certificates to customers, RTGS/NEFT related transactions, ATM cash loading, and Issuing of ATM cards, Cheque Books and E-Banking facility to customers. Approved loans with the specified limits and refer loan applications outside those limits to management for approval. Conducted background checks and verifications to ensure if the customer fulfills all conditions. Counseled customers with different loans and credit options. Liaised between borrowers and management to maintain communications and improve processing times."

Management Intern (Former Employee) says

"I was working as an Intern - Finance at UCO Bank. As an intern I have worked upon following two projects : Credit Appraisal Worked upon a live project to determine credit worthiness of an applicant for processing loan application under SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) Department Retail Product Analysis Prepared a detail research report comparing bank’s Bancassurance & Pension Plan product with products of peer groupKnowledge, Working HoursJob advancement, Job Culture"

manager scale 2 (Former Employee) says

"The growth opportunity is huge in the organization as the major junk of present managers are on the verge of retirement. Perks are few as compared to other public sector bankshuge growth opportunityperks are low"

Head Cashier (Current Employee) says

"I wish to see myself becoming an indispensable part in the growth of the organization I am part of, and hold a prime position in a company that could provide me the working atmosphere that suits me.allowancespublic dealing"